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Guardian Home Program

Guardian dogs available in 2024
Here at Sweet Pea Bernedoodles, we pride ourselves on the fact that our dogs are a part of our family. Unfortunately, we are unable to keep all of the dogs we will be used for breeding in our home. That is where you come in! Occasionally, we would like to add some new dogs and puppies to our program as potential future moms and dads! And we want to find families to keep them who will love them as much as we would! 
Becoming a guardian home gives you the opportunity to have one of our, "Pick of the Litter" puppies as a family pet for free. Sweet Pea Bernedoodles will retain ALL breeding rights. We reserve the right to cancel our guardianship program at any time if we deem it necessary. Once retired, he/she will be neutered/spayed at our expense and returned back to you.
As a guardian home, you will be required to pay for the everyday expenses of owning a dog including annual exams, vaccines, food, toys, grooming, etc. We will pay for all breeding-related costs including health testing.
Here are a few of the main things that we expect from our guardians:​​
  • Have previous experience with dogs.

  • Be willing to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, lay-down, and leave it.

  • Be willing to socialize puppies. This is very important!

  • He/She must be an indoor pet and never left unattended outside.

  • Feed premium, quality food.

  • All other dogs in the home MUST be fixed if they are of the opposite sex.

  • Provide regular exercise.

  • Willing to let us, the breeder, visit your home.

  • Contact Breeder immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident.

  • Send a copy of all vet visits to Breeder.

  • Must not allow he/she to mate with any unapproved dogs.

  • Provide veterinary care when needed.

What being a Guardian home for a female entails:
-When your female comes in heat, we will keep her here at our home for a few days for the breeding process. She will also stay here for the duration of whelping her litter. Litters will ALWAYS be whelped and raised in our home, no exceptions. Our guardians are always welcome to visit any point during this time. Guardians must familiarize themselves with heat cycles and be able to detect this in their female and keep her away from all intact males during that time. Females retire around the ages of 4-6 (typically after having 3-4 litters), are spayed, and will then live the rest of her life with their family. 
What being a Guardian home for a male entails:
-When needed for breeding, males will stay with us for up to a week at a time. Males must be kept away from all intact females AT ALL TIMES. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the immediate removal of the dog. Our males retire around the ages of 5-7, are neutered, and will then live out the rest of their lives with their family. 
Other requirements:
-For Doodles: We ask that you let the puppy’s coat grow out until around 6-12 months, although hair around the face, on the belly, and under the tail must be kept trimmed. Brushing and bathing should be done regularly.
-We ask that you allow us to make arrangements to pick up the puppy/dog throughout various stages in its life to get photos taken to display on our website/social media channels.
-Guardian dogs are to be kept on a healthy diet at all times including feeding our chosen food brand and any required supplements. 
-Guardian families are required to take their puppy/dog to the vet for its annual vaccines and whenever else needed (aside from breeding-related visits).
If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our Australian Labradoodles or  Bernedoodles,  please fill out the Guardian Home application. We look forward to hearing from you!
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