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Welcome to Sweet Pea Bernedoodles located in Central Texas near Austin. We are a small breeding program that specializes in Australian Bernedoodles, multigenerational Bernedoodles, and now Australian labradoodles. Our doodles have excellent structure, health and a temperament to match. 

Our mission is to breed only the best quality puppies whether they grow up to be pets or therapy dogs. Due to this, we raise all of our puppies on Puppy Culture and the BAB curriculum to fully assure that they grow up to be well-rounded confident dogs. Our dogs never see the inside of a kennel. We believe each puppy should be handled with love and care to ensure that it grows up into a well-socialized puppy-ready for your home! When you bring home one of our fur babies you gain not only an addition to the family but also a lifetime of help and resources.

Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have. We love talking about our fluffy doods!

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